Firepit 90 with Ring of Logs and Swing Arm BBQ

Firepit 90 with Ring of Logs and Swing Arm BBQ

£650.00 GBP

This is a great quality British product hand made in Wales from 3mm mild steel to create a long lasting durable Fire Pit. 

The Fire Pit is great for entertaining creating a great ambience and warmth in your garden. The swing arm provides flexibility as it will allow you to create delicious barbecues, removing it will allow you to carry on enjoying the warmth of the fire to make the most of autumn evenings. 

The shelves allow you to store your firewood in a dry, neat and convenient location for when you are using the firepit. 

We would also recommend the cover which can be purchased here, prevent ash from blowing around and protecting the bowl from the British weather.  

Cooking Recommendations: 

Fill the fire pit with seasoned wood and light approximately an hour before you plan on using it. This will allow the initial smoke to calm and leave behind embers which can be used to cook on. Once your cooking has ended, add more wood onto the fire to carry on enjoying the fire pit into the evening. 

Cleaning Recommendations: 

We would recommend using a wire brush to clean the embers from the base of the Fire Pit, and then rinsing with water. If not being used for an extended period of time please see recommendations below. The swing arm can be cleaned using a wire wool brush, we would also recommend oiling this product. 

Looking after your Firepit: 

The Firepits are coated in oil when new, we recommend oiling with cooking oil. If not using for extended periods of time we would recommend cleaning as via the recommendations above, oiling with cooking oil and storing in a dry place. Alternatively, the Fire Pits are able to be left outside to take its natural cause. Please note that exposed areas will oxidise more quickly leading to a deep autumn colour but this will not effect its durability. 

Fully Removable Arm Swing BBQ Rack Design. 

Firepit 60 with Log Store: 3mm steel

Size of Bowl: 90cm Diameter x 23cm Depth. 

Size of Log Store: 90cm Diameter  

Size of Swing arm: 60cm Diameter cooking area

 Total Height without swing arm: 70cm tall  

Total Height with swing arm: 83cm tall